Bailey De Young Opens Up About Her ‘Faking It’ Alter Ego

In honor of Intersex Awareness Day, the actress talks about her MTV character.

Lauren Cooper may have been hiding a big part of her life during the inaugural season of “Faking It” — but now the outspoken teen is no longer keeping her intersex condition a secret.

In honor of Intersex Awareness Day (Monday, October 26), MTV News spoke to the woman behind the MTV high school student, Bailey De Young, about portraying the trailblazing character, how she educated herself before diving into this role and the special support she has received since Lauren’s medical condition was revealed.

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You were recently honored by the AIS DSD Support Group for your portrayal of TV’s first intersex main character (congrats!). What was it like to receive the award?
I felt so honored! First of all, the whole convention was fun and I felt privileged to be there. I didn’t know how Lauren and my portrayal of her was going to be received. I don’t lose sleep over (or even know about) critic reviews, or the ups and downs of fan approval. However, I really wanted the intersex community to be pleased with the representation because of how under-represented they are. Receiving that award was an honor that they would even consider me and a huge sigh of relief that they are pleased with the story “Faking It” is telling.

How can everyday teens/adults be a positive ally for intersex people in their everyday life?
I think the same rules apply to everyone: Try not to make assumptions or judgments, be kind and get to know everyone for who they are. Try and be sensitive and ask questions if you are unsure.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for watching “Faking It”!