Attention Members:

Based on a cost versus benefit analysis for the group, it has been determined that due to low traffic or use of our Orchid Connect Forum site, we will be moving to a different platform. The Forum was a wonderful attempt at keeping our membership connected and we are grateful to all of those that worked hard at creating it and making it a reality. We utilized it for 2 years, but it now appears that it is a time to make a change.

We will be shifting from using the Orchid Connect site to SECRET Facebook based groups that AIS-DSD will establish and monitor. A Secret Facebook Group is not able to be found or searched (you must be invited) and no public information is accessible about members.

All users of the Forum will personally receive information on how to join these new groups.

All AIS-DSD members will receive an e-mail that will instruct you on how to stay connected.

We plan on beginning the process of shifting our users to the SECRET Facebook groups during the weekend beginning October 20th. The Orchid Connect Forum will be closed on November 1st.


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