I Am Me
(my life as an intersexual)
By Christy Galbraith

I don’t choose blue and I don’t choose pink,
A boy or a girl I must be or so you think.
I like the bedspread white and lacy with violets,
But, I also like the one with football logos on it.
I enjoy playing football, basketball, baseball and hockey,
Cars and trucks, Lincoln Logs – and you know what’s funny?
I’m content playing with Barbie and Ken and my Easy Bake Oven,
Embroidering and sewing – so you gender rigids can shove it!

I should be allowed to be whoever I wish to be,
Because whoever I believe to be, that’s who I am, you see.
I wasn’t born a boy or a girl if I was it’d be easier for you,
But instead I’m both, leaving you wondering what to do.
You pretend I don’t exist – forcing me to play a role,
I’ve been doing that for years – it’s taken a tremendous toll.

Enough with all your gender rules and your regulations,
It’s time for you to accept at least the possibility or the notion;
That intersexuals, hermaphrodites, two-spirits, bi-genders whichever word you choose,
Are living, breathing people needing to belong, just like all of youz.
I don’t want to be called ma’am or sir, Mr., Ms. or Mrs.,
For none reflect who I truly am, they’re not hits but merely misses.
Then there’s words like he, she, him, her, his, hers and it,
Not words I prefer but rather hate because quite frankly they don’t fit.

We need more pronouns added to our vocabulary it’s true,
But, how the hell am I to convince you when you’re still stuck on pink and blue.
I thought we were an intelligent and highly developed country,
But these gender rules are not only sad they’re really quite the contrary;
They are dumb, useless and antique just like the people who made them,
They are hurtful and destructive to those who can not live them.
If this society is to continue to evolve there needs to be some changes,
Ones that will finally include those of us in different gender ranges.

Because we all want the Freedom to be who we are meant to be,
It doesn’t matter that I’m not a man or a woman, what matters is that