As part of our charitable remit, the Society for Endocrinology has the pleasure of supporting and promoting the work of a number of patient support groups. This blog post is written by Ellie Magritte from the on-line resource which supports families, children and young people living with a disorder/difference of sex development (DSD).

girl with jogsawAs the parent of a growing daughter who has a Y chromosome, I find myself both bemused and excited on a daily basis at how kids are able and ready to accept information which for so long seemed so scary and complex to me.

At her birth the only thing I really understood, the only thing that had any meaning to me, was that she would not be able to carry babies. All the rest was pretty much a mystery– pieces of a puzzle that I could not put together.  An endocrinologist? I did not have a clue that this was a doctor who specialized in hormones.

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