“Oh, I will become what I deserve” – Ben Howard

In my my hands I hold the results… For Miss SA 2016! Haha Jokes. I wish. Seriously though, in my hands, right now, I hold the results. My pathology report. After a number of doctor visits, blood tests, a positive test result for testosterone (a hormone typically found in males), and finally a karyotype blood test to determine my sex chromosomes. The doctor called me in with my test results, and they read as follows.

Patient: Lehlogonolo L Khumalo (That’s my Pedi name by the way. Although it should actually be Lehlohonolo. People always get it wrong, anyway…)

Age/Sex/DOB: 21/F/19910106

ID Num: [insert 13 digits here]

Requested: Karyotyping blood  – CYTOGENETICS


Cytogenetic analysis of cultured peripheral blood metaphases revealed a modal number  of 46 and a 46,XY karyotype in 15 cells analysed.

No gross structural abnormality was detected in Giemsa – banded metaphases.



The above finding is characteristic of a NORMAL MALE chromosome pattern.

[Insert some irrelevant information]

**End Of Report**

The doctor then went onto explain what the results implied. I knew EXACTLY what they meant, but it just didn’t make sense. Notice how my sex was noted as “F” for female but my karyotype is “characteristic of a NORMAL MALE chromosome pattern”. So I knew exactly what it meant. I was somewhat prepared for it, the doctor mentioned AIS in passing when he tested me for testosterone. So I kinda had an idea, but just because you are prepared for something doesn’t mean it’ll hurt less when it actually happens. You just know its coming, whatever it is, you know that its coming but you never knew that it’s going to hurt this bad.

All of this happened on an early November Sunday morning. After that, my official diagnosis, I then left the doctor’s room and went to church. “There’s no reason you can’t lead a normal life” he said.

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