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Just Learned you have a DSD? Chances are, you may have some urgent questions… Here the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Am I really still a [male] [female]? Yes you are, really! If you knew who you were yesterday, you are still the same today. While phenotype (your physical appearance), gender (how you feel), and sexual orientation (who you are attracted to) are three different things, it is safe to say a diagnosis of a DSD does not change who you have to be. Only you can decide that.

What do I tell my partner, family, friends? Nothing today, wait until you’re fully informed, and then gradually share when it’s safe and you’re ready.

Where can I go for support? Medical questions? Counseling? Contact us. Join the AIS-DSD Support Group, and you will be so glad you did!

What decisions do I need to make today? Go slow, first get a good medical diagnosis, and then begin your search for childhood medical records if you don’t have them.  Next start here with these questions for your doctors. Next get connected for support for you!

Do I need to have surgery right away? The need for surgery is dependent on a number of factors including an individual’s specific condition and overall health.  Some conditions may not require medical intervention, whereas others may require more immediate attention.  AIS-DSD Support Group is not intended to be a medical adviser.  You should obtain the advice of a trusted physician, and know that you are free to seek a second (or third) opinion if you desire.

Do I need to change my gender? My whole life? What I wear? Who I am supposed to marry?  These are all tough questions… our parents & adult email and Facebook groups can help you with these issues in the long-term. But for today, know that you’re still the same person! You should dress as you always have — you’re still you! And you’ll likely marry whomever you fall in love with, it’s going to be okay!

Am I going to die? Yes, sadly none of us gets out alive from this lifetime.  But it won’t be soon, and it won’t be from having different chromosomes… you’ll live to be a ripe old age just like the rest of us we can only hope for!

Can I be sexually active? Yes, and we’re here to help give you support on how to be healthy, active and fulfilled in and out of your bedroom…



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