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We have many valuable resources and support for young adults, teens and tweens including additional guides and websites. Reaching out and connect socially with peers and mentors in our private forum, Orchid Connect, is a great option for support. There you will find others who have shared similar experiences. More information about how to connect is available if you contact us above. Connection is also available face to face at regional and national annual meetings, which include many sessions and fun activities that allow you to make friends and share your experiences with others. In addition, you can find some great resources below, including the newly diagnosed teen brochure on the left.

Youth Resources

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Moderated by the youth committee chair, this private forum (membership by admin approval only) provides an opportunity for tweens, teens, and young adults with DSD to connect, share stories, photos, and create friendships with others who may share similar experiences. If you are interested in connecting with other young people with DSD, please contact us for more information.

A fully interactive website just for teens with Differences of Sex Development. From information about puberty and development to frequently asked questions, you can find it on this site.

As a youth program of Inter/Act Advocates for Intersex Youth is a place (and also a blog) for young people affected by Intersex/ Differences of Sex Development to come together, express themselves, and unite their individual stories to develop a voice for a new generation. Inter/Act’s goal is for peers, parents, doctors, scholars, and supporters to gain a better understanding of the experiences and perspectives of young people with different bodies. Inter/Act Youth has had an amazing

The DSD Families website includes personal stories, practical advice and useful links. They invite youth to submit their own content and make suggestions on what kinds of things you would find helpful. Check out their site or email them for more information at


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