The British Medical Journal opened responses for the article Parental Choice on Normalising Cosmetic Genital Surgery,  by Lih-Mei Liao, consultant clinical psychologistDan Wood, consultant adolescent and reconstructive urologist, and Sarah M Creighton, consultant gynaecologist, University College London Hospitals, London published September 28th, 2015.  AIS-DSD Board Member and Medical Advisory Committee Chair, Dr. Arlene Baratz responded.

If there is a secret to raising healthy children, it is to accept and focus on what they are, instead of what they’re not. Changes happening everywhere challenge us reimagine intersex, not as disease, but as a way of living in the world. It is time for clinicians and families to develop a mutual understanding that “our diversity – the differences between our experiences and perspectives, as well as the shapes of our bodies – is something that we should celebrate and protect, in all its forms.”(6)”

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