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Orchid RingsAIS-DSD Support Group works toward its vision through support, education, advocacy and research for adults, parents, young adults, teens, and children affected by Intersex/DSD. We meet people where they are, and provide a wide range of opportunities for support and confidential connection through a choice of forum groups. While we do not give medical advice, we do provide a safe place for you to share your thoughts and questions. Research shows that obtaining support from and connecting with others with a similar diagnosis is the single most important step on a journey to emotional healing and empowerment. We offer many ways to begin this process.

An easy place to start is by downloading our current brochures to share with your family or health care professionals. Click on each brochure located on the left of this page to download and print.


Note: Referring patients and their families to support groups is not a privacy violation. For further reading on the subject, please read “HIPAA and Caring for Children with DSD”, written by Anne Tamar-Mattis, JD in the August 2009 publication of Endocrine Today.




You have a choice of forum groups waiting just for you! Moderated by members of our group, requests are approved before someone can be added. Here you will find a welcoming community of people who share and answer questions about disclosing to others, living a positive and authentic life, and taking care of yourself. Connecting to others is invaluable!

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Parents & Families:

Children with DSD

An established email circle and Facebook page are available to share with others. Described as “warm”, “accepting”, and “life-changing”, finding others raising children with diverse needs is only a click away. Moderated by members, approval is granted upon request. Allies are also a part of this group to answer important questions and give explanations that can lead to understanding. This tight knit family is ready to welcome anyone raising a child with a DSD.

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A forum has been established just so you can chat with others who are experiencing similar journeys. While there is no one exactly like you, there are others who understand what it is like to feel the way you do. Not only this, but they are your age! Moderated by members, this page provides a chance just to hang out, as well as share what is on your mind. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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National Conference:

The highlight of the year for many, the national conference offers many opportunities to connect with others in real life. There is nothing like meeting others in person and finding out that you are not alone!

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