From the Beginning

A Brief History of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome – Differences of Sex Development (AIS-DSD) Support Group


Charmian Quigley, Medical Adviser to AIS-DSD Support Group has written an impressive and concise history of the group. From its inception, to present time. A PowerPoint presentation she shared at the 2014 conference with further information is also available. Please click here to read about our community’s development.

 A timeline is also available here.

Our Logo and Color

Royal Purple
It symbolizes healing and strength. It is a perfect blend in the spectrum of the warmest color, red, and the coolest color, blue. Also the color of royalty, it adds significance with dignity and is a rarity in nature.
Wild Orchid
necklaceWild orchids are a highly coveted, rare and beautiful gift from nature. The word orchid is derived from the Greek órkhis, meaning “testicle” because of the shape of the root. Greek mothers and fathers would often consume the root in hopes to assist in the sex development of an unborn child. The prefixes, orchi(o) and orchido, are used in medical terminology, again meaning testis. We recognize out of this root, something rare and special is created. It is to be cherished and valued. Ancient Chinese revered orchids as “Lan Hua”, the epitome of human perfection.

The logo of people coming together in support is of highest importance for the AIS-DSD Support Group. Each “person” represents a petal of the wild orchid. They stand together in Compassion, Community, Acceptance, Knowledge, and Advocacy, for better lives and a better future.

National Meeting Locations

Meeting Locations

  1. 1996 New York
  2. 1997 San Diego
  1. 2013 Boston
  2. 2014 San Francisco
  3. 2015 Cincinnati
  4. 2016 Denver
  5. 2017 Phoenix

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